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Buying if not from the UK

If your delivery location is within the UK please disregard this section.

If your delivery location is outside the United Kingdom you may need to pay some taxes on your local side when you receive the goods. Please read below for more information.

When you buy goods from a country not your own and products are delivered from that country to an address in your country, this is by definition importing.

YOU as the person buying the products are the importer.

Import Duty and Sales Tax Charged By Your Country:
  • Some countries charge tax on certain imported products, at certain quantity/value levels. Some countries do not. You are responsible for finding out the situation in your own country.
  • Whatever you order from us, we will send you. We won't enforce any rules so it's up to you to make sure that what you are buying is OK to import in your country.
  • Many countries charge two kinds of tax when you import anything from overseas. These are (1) Sales Tax (VAT); (2) Import Duty. Usually these taxes are not very high,and the tax is calculated according to the value of the goods (+ shipping sometimes). On the other hand, many countries do not charge any tax on certain types of goods, or on small shipments.
Declared Contents: Packet Contents Affect Tax
  • The category of goods you are importing often has an effect on whether you have to pay tax, or how much.
  • Obviously, certain categories of dangerous or restricted goods are illegal to import in most countries. Other, specific restrictions on certain items such as laser products or AV recording devices may apply in your country as well - please research that information for your local country.
How To Pay Import Taxes
  • If you have to pay any tax on the goods you receive, the most common way is that the taxes are first paid at customs by the courier (e.g. DHL, FedEx, UPS) and then you simply pay back the courier using cash or your credit card, when they deliver the goods to your door.
  • On bigger orders (meaning, for most countries, anything more than one or two cartons) you should consider hiring a professional licensed Customs Broker to assist you with the clearance of your goods when they arrive in your destination country. This is because tax and contents assessment is applied most strictly to bigger shipments.
Why You Need To Do Your Own Research
  • Import and tax rules are (a) different in every country; (b) changing often; (c) highly dependent on the shipment size and contents; and (d) not consistently applied by your country's different ports and customs houses. Therefore we cannot offer you specific advice about how much tax you will have to pay, or any guarantees related to this issue.
  • Sometimes the importing rules according to your country's government and customs are not enforced as strictly or consistently as they say. A good way to find out the realities of importing into your country is to begin with a series of smaller orders and make careful notes of what (if any) steps you had to go through or charges you had to pay. You may be pleasantly surprised how easy importing is for you.
Who Provides Import Paperwork?
  • In general all the paperwork required for clearing your goods through customs is provided by our wholesaler. Usually the shipping invoice and courier waybill included with all shipments is sufficient.
Tax Liability
  • The importer (YOU) is solely responsible for all import taxes, sales taxes, and any other customs-related charges.
  • We accept no liability for any such charges. Importing taxes and charges cannot and will not be quoted/predicted, and they cannot be reimbursed to you under any circumstances.
  • If an importer refuses to pay taxes or otherwise refuses to comply with requirements of the importing or customs clearance process, the goods will usually not be delivered successfully. In such cases the goods could be seized by customs. In any such cases you, the importer, bear sole responsibility provided no error has been made by us in following your order requirements.
Getting More Information About Taxes
  • Please undertake your own research about import regulations and taxes in your country. We can offer informal pre-sales advice, but we will not offer any formal advice or guarantees due to this issue being beyond our control.

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